You are never too old to become younger
so come and dream with us. 

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New organization makes dreams come true for seniors

October 19, 2012

You’re never too old to dream! That could sum up the message from a new non-profit group launching today in Vancouver.

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Dream On Senior’s Wish Foundation – Senior’s Protest

October 31, 2012

On Friday October 19th, 2012 a group of seniors and over one hundred supporters took to the streets of Vancouver to challenge aging stereotypes and promote the need to celebrate aging. The event marked the launch of the Dream On Seniors’ Wish Foundation.


Aging in a changing world

The Official Westcoast Reader
November 19, 2012

In October, more than 750 people met in Vancouver.
These people study gerontology.
Gerontology is the study of old age.
These people talked about how people grow old.
They also talked about the problems of old people.

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Dream on, seniors, it’s a good thing

Vancouver Sun
October 19, 2012

A new charitable foundation launched itself in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery Friday afternoon with a mock protest and the goal of granting wishes to people over 65.

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A new Vancouver charity aims to fulfill seniors’ wishes

Vancouver Courier
October 30, 2012

A new charity foundation wants to help seniors scratch at least one item off their bucket lists.

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Londoner gets her East Coast wish

Metro News London
May 7, 2013

It’s one last trip home that Eleanor Pullman never thought she’d be able to take.

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Senior granted dream of seeing last living sibling

May 10, 2013

An Ontario senior has had her dream of returning to the province of her birth to see her last living relative come true, thanks to a charity that grants wishes for seniors.

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Dream On Seniors’ Wish – Elanor Pullman gets to see her brother one last time

May 14, 2013

Dream On Seniors’ Wish Foundation


Dream On Senior’s Foundation

Shaw TV Nanaimo
July 8, 2013

The Dream on Senior’s Foundation is a charitable organization founded by the Nurse Next Door that raises and distributes funds to help make the wishes of seniors come true.


Nurse Next Door encourages seniors to Dream On

Airdrie City View
September 6, 2013

The organizers of a new charity are looking to make the dreams of local seniors come true this fall.

The Dream On Seniors’ Wish Foundation was spearheaded by home care provider Nurse Next Door and the organization is looking for dream submissions from Airdrie and area residents during September.

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Making Dreams Come True

Island Woman
December, 2013

During the summer, we at Nurse Next Door had the opportunity to team up with Vancouver Island University (VIU) in Nanaimo, with their MBA Program specifically, and raise awareness and funds in the community.

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Return to ‘God’s country’ a wish come true

London Community News
May 8, 2013

After 70 years in the Forest City, Elanor Pullman is on her way home.

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Dream On Seniors’ Wish – Elanor Pullman gets to see her brother one last time

May 10, 2013

Elanor Pullman had a dream of visiting her brother one last time. With the help of VIA Rail and Nurse Next Door, the Dream On Seniors’ Wish Foundation made that dream come true.


Celebrate Aging

Island Woman
July, 2013

You know what’s really amazing? It’s something that we all share! Aging. Ok, I’m being a bit facetious here … but isn’t it about time we started celebrating aging more? I mean, we’re all doing it at an alarming rate (especially over the age of 25 when time seems to speed up)! I’m not talking about a STAT day or anything (although June IS the only lonely month without a STAT…) – but celebrating aging with fun, every day!

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MBA students raise over $8,000 for seniors charity

London Community News
July 23, 2013

After weeks of preparation and one day of fierce competition, three teams of Master of Business Administration (MBA) students from Vancouver Island University raised over $8,000 for a worthwhile seniors charity in the community.

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A Lesson in Missed Opportunity

Island Woman
November, 2013

Perhaps you saw in one of our previous articles about how Nurse Next Door’s Dream On Seniors Wish Foundation aims to make the dreams of elder seniors come true. We even had the opportunity to make one come true a few months back which was incredibly fulfilling.

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Tiffany Turner on Cool 105

Cool 105 FM
January, 2014


Good Deeds: City mom helped by Ronald McDonald House

Nanaimo Daily News
June 24, 2014

The Dream On Seniors Wish Foundation made a difference for a senior who happens to be a big Michael Jackson fan.

After a successful career as a psychologist, “Jack,” a Nanaimo nursing home resident now suffers from severe osteoporosis and has a hard time getting around. When Jodi, his nurse caregiver found out a Michael Jackson tribute artist would soon perform in Nanaimo, she thought of Jack.

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Rose the Swimmer

June 12, 2014

What would your one wish be? Rose suffered a stroke 6 years ago and has lost the majority of her mobility. Thanks to the Dream On Seniors’ Wish Foundation, her ultimate wish was to go swimming again, a favourite past time she enjoyed throughout her life.


Initiative aims to make dreams come true

North Shore News
July 20, 2014

Representatives of Nurse Next Door North Shore and the West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre Keeping Connected programs have teamed up to collect and make North Shore seniors’ dreams come true.

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